• AdjunctImpact Opens in a new window
    “AdjunctImpact is a new online support program for adjuncts.  It was created with the knowledge that adjuncts need just in time support beginning the moment they are hired.  It is also to standardize the support across campus and make it consistent.”

    Includes an online preparation course specifically designed to help adjuncts navigate the often challenging classroom environment.  The course is divided into the following four sections:
    • Introduction
    • Course Preparation
    • The First Two Weeks
    • Ongoing Education

    There is also a Resources section that includes a syllabus builder, information on using Scorpion, checklists and forms, and a lesson plan builder.

    The Lounge section is a bulletin-board like discussion forum where adjuncts can interact and discuss.
  • Pay Scale Information for NKU Part-Time Faculty, 2006-2007 Fiscal Year(PDF)
  • NKU Handbook for Part-Time FacultyOpens in a new window
    General information including employment qualifications, terms and conditions of employment, faculty and university policies, professional ethics and responsibilities, etc.
  • Adjunct Advocate Opens in a new window
    “Welcome to This is the Web page of the Adjunct Advocate magazine. Published since 1992, the Adjunct Advocate serves some 109,000 readers across the United States, Canada and Europe.

    Whether you hold a full-time or part-time temporary teaching appointment, the Adjunct Advocate's Web page,, can get you plugged-in like no other on-line resource for temporary college faculty can! Our registered Web page users live and work all over the world! hosts temporary faculty from around the world because we've got all the resources temporary faculty (all college faculty, really) need in one place. Browse hundreds of jobs, try your hand at the weekly quiz, search our exclusive textbook catalogue, play HangProf, visit the Syllabus Vault, dialogue with colleagues, cast your vote in the Adjunct Poll, find a grant, browse through our list of professional development books, read the Adjunct Advocate magazine, and MUCH MORE.”
  • A Review of Websites for Contingent Faculty Opens in a new window
  • Adjunct Success Opens in a new window
    “Welcome to AdjunctSuccess, the only organization dedicated solely to the professional development needs of part-time professors, and the instructional leaders who coordinate their work. Membership provides a seat in 15 topical Webinars, a biweekly e-newsletter, a seat in the AS Café, and access to rich sets of printable and online resources.”